Every donation, no matter how big or small, matters

Live theatre is an essential component of any vibrant community. Providing a platform for local actors to showcase their talents enriches our cultural landscape by bringing diverse stories and perspectives to the stage. Simcoe Little Theatre is proud to bring people together to share in the experience of theatre, whether it be comedy, drama, or like our final production of the season, a musical. 

For you, our audience, we delight in the connection and engagement that our productions provide, friends reuniting to see an old favourite, or take in something brand new. SLT is a place of inspiration, celebration, and friendship. A place where you are welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles. A place to feel safe, heard and valued. Simcoe Little Theatre is a place to call home.  

That’s exactly what Mitchell McGivern, star of Pumpernickel Junction and Race Day, calls SLT. First stepping foot in our community theatre at the age of four, Mitchell helped his parents backstage and his grandfather in the shop building sets. At age 12 Mitchell was given his first acting role by Director Melinda Campbell and he hasn’t looked back since, now acting in SLT productions for 15 years. Throughout those years at SLT Mitchell has made lifelong friends, learned skills he uses every day in his career and met his beautiful fiancé.  

“SLT has always been a part of my life and I am so grateful for the confidence and encouragement I received in my younger years. This theatre is the heartbeat of our community and its influence and impact extend far beyond its walls.” 

For Mitchell, Simcoe Little Theatre is where he has felt celebrated and surrounded by joy, “I love being on stage, but what keeps me coming back is the people. Every moment in the building is punctuated by laughter, compassion, and encouragement. From building sets, preparing props and costumes, directing rehearsals, and preparing for Opening Night, all the people who make this theatre possible have chosen to be here, to spend their free time telling important stories for our community to enjoy.” 

Mitchell is delighted to be back on stage at SLT and looks forward to many more seasons. He hopes Simcoe Little Theatre will be a part of the community for generations so that others can have the same experiences he did, and one day he might introduce his children to the magic of community theatre at SLT.  

To ensure current and future generations have these opportunities we are asking for your help. By investing in our theatre, you can help to create a lasting impact on our community. We need your support to keep theatre alive. Every donation, no matter how small, can make a significant impact, ensuring the theatre remains accessible to everyone in the community. Please, consider donating using the button below and help us keep the magic of community theatre alive.