2023 – 2024

Play Director
White Christmas Janet Dickson
The Savannah Sipping Socieity Sarah Finch
The Wolves Jason Mayo

2022 – 2023

Play Director
Pumpernickle Junction Claire Senko
Love Letters Melissa Colver
Race Day Michelle & Tony Proracki


Play Director
Murder At The Howard Johnson Sarah Finch
The Hound Of The Baskervilles Melinda Campbell

2019 – 2020

Play Director
Moonglow Julie Buffet
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Michelle & Tony Proracki
Jitters Melissa Colver

2018 – 2019

Play Director
Nana’s Naughter Knickers Darlene Murphy
The Christmas Express Randy & Kelly McGivern
Waiting for Godot Matthew Wilson
Arsenic & Old Lace Sarah Finch & Alayna Simpson
Picasso At The Lapin Agile Val Smith

2017 – 2018

Play Director
The Odd Couple George Fowlie
It’s A Wonderful Life Darlene Degrieck & Sarah Finch
Meanwhile Back On The Couch Greig Graham
Cabaret Michelle & Tony Proracki
Tuesdays With Morrie Vern Johansson

2017 – 2016

Play Director
The Book of Esther Dawn Barron Bommarito
A Christmas Story Randy & Kelly McGivern
Jake’s Women Larry Dawson
Good Night Desedmona, Good Morning Juliet Val Smith
Ned Durango Comes To Big Oak Michele Grant

2015 – 2016

Play Director
Always A Bridesmaid Debra Leedham
Seussical Jessical Bommarito
Whole Lotto Love Matthew Wilson
The Long Weekend Penny Spence & June Birnie
The 39 Steps Vern Johansson

2014 – 2015

Play Director
Barefoot In The Park Larry Dawson
Anne Of Green Gables Tony Proracko
The 40s Radio Hour Melissa Colver
Lost In Yonkers Randy & Kelly McGivern
Moon Over Buffalo Al Lee

2013 – 2014

Play Director
Papers Len Lefebvre
Forever Plaid: Plaid Tidings Tony Proracki
Title Of Show Sam MacLeod
Perfect Wedding Greig Graham
The Dixie Swim Club Larry Dawson

2012 – 2013

Play Director
The Drawer Boy Dawn Barron Bommarito
Harvey Bill Klos
Importance Of Being Earnest Sam MacLeod
Noises Off Al Lee
Father’s Day Larry Dawson

2011 – 2012

Play Director
Social Security Andrew Bergman
A Christmas Carol George Araujo
Little Women Melissa Colver
Cemetary Club Randy & Kelly McGivern
Real Estate Jan Rainey

1950 – 1951

Play Director
The Inspector Calls Ellen Crafts
Blithe Spirit Sheila Forster
The Man Within Kizzie Brickenden
You Can’t Take It With You Dave Giblertson

1949 – 1950

Play Director
Pink String & Sealing Wax Ruth White
Arsenic & Old Lace Dave Gilberston
Gaslight Kizzie Brickenden
See How They Run Nora Winter

1949 – 1950

Play Director
Pink String & Sealing Wax Ruth White
Arsenic & Old Lace Dave Gilberston
Gaslight Kizzie Brickenden
See How They Run Nora Winter

1948 – 1949

Play Director
Ladies Of The Jury Richard Burbage
Op O’ Me Thumb Ellen Crafts
Sitting Bill (One Act) Mary Dougherty
John Doe (One Act) Ewart MacKay
Holiday (One Act) Sheila Forster

1947 – 1948

Play Director
Junior Miss Malcolm Morley
A Pig In A Poke Ewart MacKay
Papa Is All Kizzie Brickenden & Dave Gilbertson
Ladies In Retirement Mina Donnelly

1946 – 1947

Play Director
Brothers In Arms (2 One Acts Plays) Kizzie Brickenden
She Was Only A Farmer’s Daughter Mary Doughtery
Title Unknown: Alfred Tennyson
Laburnham Grove C. Mixer & Dort Fort
Private Lives Sheila Forster